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Week of 9/03 Industry Updates


To start off this week, here are some recent news articles:

Twitter Suggested Accounts to Unfollow, Says it was Part of an ‘Incredibly’ Limited Test

Twitter confirmed it ran a test to suggest accounts to unfollow, but only applied it to a small fraction of users, and has since ended. Twitter has not commented on whether or not brand accounts, or high-profile politicians or personalities were included, but one user did report that they received a suggestion to unfollow ESPN commentator Katie Nolan.



The Newest Forrester Wave on Social Listening Platforms Expresses Disappointment in the Category

The new Forrester Wave quarterly reported cited the coverage by social listening tools is expanding beyond social networks, but there are few clear differentiators between vendors and social data is still not extensively utilized across customer companies.




US Senator calls on the FTC to Open New antitrust Investigation Against Google

Last Thursday, Senator Orrin Hatch called on the FTC to open a new antitrust investigation of Google. This request suggests that sentiments in legislative and regulatory circles may be turning against Google, specifically, and big tech companies in general. There is also a sense, in some quarters, that a small number of big tech companies, like Google, wield too much influence over the digital economy. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other tech companies are also seen by many in the Republican party as biased against conservatives.



Facebook Opens up Video Ad Opportunities to More Creators as it Takes Watch Global

While Facebook is globalizing it’s Watch video hub, it is also expanding it’s Ad breaks across the US, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. It is also rolling out it’s Creator Studio globally- it’s video management tool that includes performance metrics.