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  • How Subtitles Can Boost Your Video Shares

    Studies have shown that captioning your videos can have a huge impact on how successful they actually become. This goes for movies, TV shows, social media posts, training videos, etc. Here are 7 facts about subtitles and how they can boost your videos shares by 15%.   First, not everyone can hear your audio. Over… Read more »

  • Why Micro-Influencers Are Key

    The influencers with the highest followings can’t always be trusted to actually ‘influence’ their followers. It has been proven that the most credibility can be found in micro-influencers instead. Since they have smaller communities, they are able to build a real relationship with their audience. They can also establish a level of authority as a… Read more »

  • Unilever vs. Fake Followers

    With the recent spike of influencers buying likes and followers, Unilever CMO Keith Weed has declared that the company will no longer work with those who falsely inflate their profiles. In order to rebuild trust in the industry, Unilever will only partner with influencers who make efforts to increase transparency through good practices. The company… Read more »

  • Instagram: What You Should Know

    Currently, one of the most important social media channels for influencer marketing is Instagram. In 2017 it was declared that it had already become a $1 billion-dollar industry, and that’s just the beginning. With all this revenue, it becomes a question for most businesses how much money they should be spending, and where it should… Read more »

  • Holiday Shopping Behaviors: Online vs. In-Store

        Every year seems to fly by in the blink of an eye, and 2018 is no different. Even though it is only June right now the holiday season will be creeping around the corner before you know it so it’s best to stay prepared as a company. Thankfully, Facebook recently released a new… Read more »