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Influencer marketing has grown in popularity and recognition over the past few years, but there is still much debate over the best strategies and tactics to use. Though many brands and marketers continue to increase their influencer spend year over year, they continue to search for the winning moves that will bring success to their campaigns.

Activate recently surveyed over 100 marketers and 800 influencers and marketers to gain their insights on influencer marketing. In this digital age, data is king, so take a look at some of Activate’s findings and Advantage Media’s interpretations, and use them to help your next campaign win the crown.

1) Laura Tucker, @southernmadesimple
2) Brittany Ashmore, @theashmoresblog
3) Catherine & Tammy Pappas, @livingthegourmet
4) Katherine Accettura, @happysolez

  • Instagram DominatesOver 75% of marketers and influencers surveyed reported using Instagram for marketing partnerships more than in the last year.
    • This does not come as a surprise to Advantage Media’s influencer team. On many campaigns, we have found Instagram to be the top performing channel, earning the highest engagements in the form of likes, comments, and saves. Instagram continues to grow and add new features that encourage interaction within the platform, and it’s historically been more influencer & marketer friendly than some other platforms.
  • Collaborations Leave Much to be Desired – Findings showed that “only 29% of influencers are asked for their opinion on content direction” and 55% of marketers “admit that the content strategy and direction of a sponsored partnership is decided well before influencers are added to the mix.”
    • In most of our campaigns, brands and brand teams have established the general theme and content direction prior to recruiting influencers. But more recently, we’ve seen more instances where clients sought influencers’ ideas and pitches rather than having them adhere to specific pre-determined themes. From influencer feedback on campaigns with more creative freedom, we’ve seen that the influencers we work with much prefer having valued input into the content and the freedom to create content that more organically fits their blogs and audiences.
  • Quality over Quantity – “Content Aesthetic” was 2017’s least important criteria to marketers when selecting influencers, but has jumped to marketers’ top consideration in 2018 (beating out “Follower Count”).
    • While having a significant audience is still a consideration during influencers selections, our team stresses the importance of selection based on content and brand fit. Since more brands seek to repurpose influencer content for use on landing pages, social and paid media, influencer content and imagery continue to increase in value.

While we highlighted three takeaways from Activate’s report, there are more influencer and marketer insights to explore, so read it in full here!