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Week of 1/29 Industry Update


Good Morning!! Here are some interesting articles to kick off your week!

Infographic: How much privacy people will give up fro personalized experiences

Consumers around the world get frustrated when brands fail to deliver relevant, tailored experiences, something they are increasingly demanding. They’re also concerned about giving companies too much personal information, which paradoxically is what brands need in order to deliver such experiences in the first place.


Consumer goods brands are looking more at performance-based ads

CEOs at consumer goods companies are feeling the heat from investors to deliver top-line growth, forcing them to treat marketing as a value driver rather than a cost.


Facebook to worried marketers: Get users to mark you as ‘see first’
Facebook may have told the world it is pushing brands out of its news feed, but it is giving them a workaround behind closed doors. Facebook is trying to appease advertisers that have voiced concerns by pointing them toward an existing “see first” feature in news-feed settings that Facebook claims could improve their organic reach.


Millennials hate ads but 58% of them wouldn’t mind if it’s from their favorite digital stars

Influencer marketing is a real thing. And it has become far more important to Millennials than any catchy ads and commercials that brands can come up with to promote their products or services.


Snapchat Stories leap from mobile to desktop for first time

Snapchat will let users share Stories — videos and photos strung together in collages on the messaging platform that disappear after 24 hours — on the web for the first time, The Verge reported. Only Official Stories – which are those created by media, entertainment and other verified accounts – as well as Our Stories and Search Stories will be shareable outside the app.