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Week of 10/1 Industry Updates


Below are some recent articles on what’s happening in the marketing world including Facebook hacks and ads, the first open exchange with viewable inventory, and a sit-down with Hubspot VP, Scott Brinker.


50 Million Facebook User Accounts Hacked

Facebook discovered that there was a security breach on the app’s “View As” Feature in the video uploading window, leaving 50 million users’ data vulnerable. Facebook does not yet know how much damage has been done, since the investigation just began on Friday.



Facebook Targets Ads with Data Users Didn’t Share With the Platform

Facebook confirmed that it targets ads to users based on phone numbers they provide for two-factor authentication and contact information taken from friends’ contacts lists, even if they haven’t added that information to their own accounts. Facebook responded saying that they warn users of the use of data, both in “Uploading and Managing Your Contacts” and in the 2-Factor Authentication, as a way of providing a more personalized experience and making recommendations.


Graphic from 33Across33Across Launches ‘First Open Exchange with Only Viewable Inventory’

33Across has launches AttentionX, described as the first open ad exchange containing only viewable ad inventory. AttentionX pre-scores every ad for viewability before it enters it for bidding. Additionally, AttentionX also offers time-in-view ads, which are at least 50% visible but in increments on up to 25 seconds, which works better than some cost per second pricing because advertisers can still use their accustomed CPM pricing, 33Across says.



For Scott Brinker, Marketing is Designed to Balance The ‘4 Forces’
In preparation for the MarTech Conference this week in Boston, Hubspot VP Scott Brinker posted a thought piece on “The 4 Forces of Marketing Operations & Technology”- Centralize v. Decentralize, Automate v. Humanize. As Brinker says, these opposing forces affect not only marketing, but almost every dynamic system. The challenge is to find the happy medium and understand that if “you centralize the right things…then it makes greater decentralization possible”.