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Week of 10/15 Industry Updates


Below are a few of the most recent headlines in digital marketing:

Pandora Launches Online Analytics Tools, Announces Ad Distribution Agreement with SoundCloud

Last week, Pandora launched analytics tools for advertisers to use on its audio platform, which represents another step in Pandora’s path to a major advertising platform. Prior to this announcement, Pandora offered little online analytics to it’s advertisers, relying on offline impact and incremental visitation list through third-party vendors. It’s new Insights Lab includes data-backed insights, ecosystem that develops scaled first-party tools and products for advertisers to test, and a platform for bringing third-party research to market


Facebook to Release First-Party Cookie Option for Ads, Pull Web Analytics from Safari

Facebook joins Google and Microsoft in offering a solution to browsers that block third-party cookies. The new first-party cookie allows advertisers, publishers, and developers to measure and optimize Facebook ads and capture analytics data from browsers that block third-party cookies, like Safari and Firefox.


What Marketers are Saying about Facebook’s new Portal Video Chat Devices

Last week Facebook unveiled twin video chat devices, Portal and Portal+, which use AI to create a more interactive and realistic chat experience that reacts to callers’ movements. Marketers are excited about the prospects and see this as another way to normalize the smart home, but know that trust will be the biggest factor in the devices’ success, especially with Facebooks’ recent security breaches.


LinkedIn Overhauls Campaign Manager for Marketers Managing High-Volume Accounts

Linkedin redesigned its Campaign Manager, building out its back end to load data faster and providing a more intuitive experience for marketers running multiple campaigns on the platform with one-click breakdowns of campaign data and personalization options around which reports they see.