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Week of 10/22 Industry Updates


Below is a look at what’s happening in the world of Digital Media Marketing this week, including some interesting news on advertising via social media and how retail marketers are approaching the upcoming holiday season.


Facebook Attribution now available to all advertisers

Facebook started beta testing an attribution solution for marketers to analyze the impact of their campaigns both on and off Facebook in March 2017. On Friday, the company released Facebook Attribution out of beta to all advertisers. It also introduced a new “data-driven attribution model.”



Survey: Social commerce held back by security, privacy concerns

A new survey from Sumo Heavy Industries has both good and bad news for social media. The survey was conducted in May among more than 1,000 US adults.



Facebook cracking down on ads with clickbait headlines, sensationalized language

The company says any ads containing engagement bait, sensationalized language or headlines that withhold information will be penalized.



Black Friday to dominate holiday ad budgets, leaving little for last-minute shoppers

A new study out this week from ad platform Nanigans suggests that most retail marketers plan to prioritize their digital advertising spend on Black Friday — and ignore late-season shoppers.