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Week of 10/8 Industry Updates


Below are a few of the most recent headlines in digital marketing:

Facebook to release first-party cookie option for ads, pull web analytics from Safari

Facebook is the latest big digital ad seller to release a solution to address moves by browsers to kill third-party cookies. The company is releasing a new first-party cookie option for advertisers, publishers, and developers to measure and optimize Facebook ads and capture analytics data from browsers that block third-party cookies — namely Apple’s Safari and soon Mozilla’s Firefox.



Today’s CMO must tackle these 3 challenges
“Today’s CMO lives in a tech-infused world,” says Debbie Qaqish, the chief strategy officer for the Pedowitz Group. As a veteran marketing operations expert and author of “The Rise of the Revenue Marketer,” Qaqish believes the three primary challenges facing CMOs today are digital transformation, business accountability and customer experience.



IRI to help Google measure offline sales impact of YouTube ads

Earlier this week YouTube rolled out new extensions and measurement capabilities for advertisers. The ad extensions will enable a variety of new actions (e.g., app downloads, booking, movie showtimes). There will also be new brand lift metrics, including offline sales lift.



1355 New Inline3 ways brands are using data and technology to turbocharge their marketing

For a long time now we’ve been hearing about the potential for marketing data and technology to take our businesses to the next level. But one question many marketers have is: If everyone has access to these same tools and innovations, how do you differentiate your product, your brand, or your campaign?