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Week of 11/19 Industry Updates


Below is a look at what’s happening in the world of Digital Media Marketing this week.


Unlock multi-touch attribution with CRM campaign tracking

Brands with an offline transaction point often struggle to measure the full customer journey from acquisition source through to revenue. Often times, if revenue can be attributed back to something, it’s to the marketing channel responsible for the lead. This measurement is usually implemented with either a first or last touch attribution model for channel attribution and completely leaves out the rest of the customer journey.


As Facebook prioritizes Stories over Newsfeed, will advertisers follow suit?

With disappointing revenues and stagnant user growth reported for its third-quarter, last month, Facebook executives aimed to focus investor attention on the company’s better-than-expected revenue and a shift in its monetization strategy from News Feed to Stories, messaging and video. They also made clear Stories, in particular, as well as Watch and IGTV are not monetizing at the rate of News Feed, yet.


Your customers aren’t waiting till Black Friday, neither should you

You may already know this, but turns out your customers aren’t waiting till Black Friday to shop for the holidays. In the past few years, many consumers have been starting their shopping well ahead of the unofficial Black Friday kick off to the shopping season. The retail weekend bracketed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) has evolved into an entire month, creating opportunities for marketers that pace themselves throughout — and prior to — the holiday season.


How long will the brand safety conversation continue?

Maybe there will never be an end to the talk about brand safety in the media industry – and that’s a good thing. I have spent the past ten years working on these issues, from helping to found the IAB’s Quality Assurance Guidelines which was the basis for The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) to running a Consumer & Brand Digital Safety Summit to writing on this topic many times. I have earned the right to wish for a day when I can write or speak about something other than brand safety.