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Week of 11/5 Industry Updates


Below is a look at what’s happening in the world of Digital Media Marketing this week.


Why you should embrace a full-funnel strategy for programmatic display

Lately, I’ve seen more and more claims that the marketing funnel is dead — including from Google itself. Of course, the consumer journey has drastically changed over time as user behavior has adapted to the internet. And nobody is going to deny that the exact journey to conversion varies from one person to another. But does that really mean that the funnel should be done away with? I don’t think so.

Instagram reportedly testing new promoted Stories ad option for business accounts

Instagram is testing a “Promote” for Stories ad format that will work similar to Facebook’s Boost option, allowing business accounts to pay for their Stories to be promoted in user feeds. The ad option is being tested globally, but no specific date has been given for an official launch, according to a TechCrunch report.



Instagram introduces new hashtag search API for businesses

Instagram rolled out a new hashtag search API on Wednesday that allows businesses to search for up to 30 hashtags within a seven-day period.

The new hashtag search API will replace the hashtag search feature that is currently part of the Instagram Platform API. The older feature will no longer be available after December 11, 2018.

Marketers must capitalize on the new wave of email innovation

The latest round of acquisitions – Adobe/Marketo, Salesforce/Rebel and Twilio/SendGrid – is exciting because it means email-led innovation is entering a new era. It’s proof positive that email is not just surviving but thriving