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Week of 2/19 Industry Update


Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend – here are a few interesting articles to get your week off to a great start!

Google Just Threw Its Hat Into the Stories Ring With the Launch of AMP Stories

Google kicked its Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative up a notch and took its seat at the Stories table with the announcement of the launch of AMP Stories. In the same vein as Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories, the new AMP Stories combine text, images, videos and graphics.

Brands With Their Own Viewability Standards Are Causing Headaches for the Ad-Tech Industry

Four years into creating an industry standard for viewability that was meant to assure advertisers humans are seeing their online ads, brands are still fine-tuning the metrics used to gauge whether someone saw a promo. And in turn, tension between advertisers, publishers and ad-tech companies is increasing from the manual work needed to change processes.

Snapchat opens its advertising API to everyone

Snapchat is going all in on automation. More than a year after Snapchat’s parent company Snap officially launched its advertising API for approved developers to build software to programmatically buy ads on Snapchat, the company is opening up the automated ad-buying toolkit to all advertisers, agencies and third-party developers.

Artificial Intelligence and the Changing Mindset of Consumers

The biggest threat and benefit to U.S. consumers in the next 10 years will be artificial intelligence. U.S. search professionals will not only need to learn the nuances of platforms from Amazon, Bing, Google Oath, and others, but they will need to relearn how to rewrite and re-strategize campaigns to achieve a change in mindset among consumers who also are trying to readjust.

How AT&T is differentiating from the duopoly

Telcos like AT&T are making a move into the digital advertising industry in an effort to dent, if not upend, the Google-Facebook duopoly. According to interviews with three media buyers, AT&T is actively talking to media agencies about its programmatic offering. The company is pitching buyers the “AT&T digital video advantage,” according to a pitch deck obtained by Digiday. It touts a high completion rate — between 95 and 97 percent, according to video ad company FreeWheel — and because it’s TV, $0 lost to ad fraud.