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Week of 2/5 Industry Update


Here are some interesting articles to kick off your week.

Twitter starts selling sponsorships of individual publishers’ Moments
Bank of America is the first brand to run a Sponsored Moment, which includes a branded cover and ads throughout the magazine-esque collection of tweets. Twitter is finally starting to convert Moments into its version of Snapchat’s Publisher Stories within its Discover tab. More than two years after Twitter debuted the tweet collections and opened it to certain publishers, the company will now enable publishers to make money from their Moments through sponsorships with brands, Twitter announced this week.

4 Brands on Whether Their past Super Bowl Ads Were Worth the Cost
Super Bowl ads: they go viral, they make us laugh, they win Emmys. Brands shell out $5 million for 30 seconds of fame, if not glory. So of course there’s value in a Super Bowl slot, right? There has to be. Why would a company spend all the time and effort and money if they couldn’t show an uptick in sales? Sure, for some brands, a commercial won’t lead to an automatic spike in sales, but the promise is there for a future sale.

Agencies See ‘Huge’ Revenue Potential With Instagram’s New Carousel Ads for Stories
Interactive, swipeable, carousel ads are coming to Instagram Stories, giving brands the opportunity to include three photos or videos in their ad units instead of just one. The new ad offering is rolling out with a “limited set” of advertisers including Gap, Coca-Cola México, Renault France and Paramount Pictures, Instagram said in a blog post Thursday.

Facebook ads cost 43% more in Q4 as users spent less time on site
CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the conference call with analysts to impress upon the business community how serious it is about changing the News Feed experience in ways that aim to improve people’s well-being and society overall. For marketers, the big takeaway is that it’s getting significantly more expensive to reach Facebook users, with ad prices rising at a much higher rate than the number of impressions, while time spent on the social network is falling. Looking ahead, Chief Financial Officer David Wehren said Facebook expects to grow the number of impressions by a modest pace in 2018.

Google debuts real-time trigger to link digital, TV efforts
Being in the moment and delivering targeted messages at a critical time is every marketer’s dream. Google’s new trigger could get marketers one step closer to bridging the pesky gap between cross-channel efforts. Multitasking is a way of life for most people, and more consumers than ever are “second-screeners.” More than 70% of the population regularly uses another device while watching TV to browse social media or shop online, according to an eMarketer study. For sports viewers, that number is even higher. About 80% say they use a computer or smartphone while watching sports to check player stats and scores, message fellow fans or watch related videos, according to an Ipsos study included in the MediaPost report.