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Week of 3/5 Industry Update


Happy Monday. Hope you all had a great weekend! Here are some interesting articles to kick off your week.

Twitter Tests Integration With Outside Buying Platforms

Twitter wants to be the easiest place for brands and agencies to buy ads in social media. According to advertisers who have been briefed about its plan, Twitter is seeking to embrace programmatic ad technology in a way that its more-closed rivals have avoided, by building pipes to connect its ad inventory with outside buying platforms and agency trading desks.

Location Intelligence Offers Retailers a Fighting Chance Against Amazon

Amazon is again altering the retail landscape with brick-and-mortar stores that offer quicker checkouts and deeper data collection. The company that upended the brick-and-mortar retail world with an ethereal “shop from anywhere” business model is building Amazon Go stores next to the retailers that survive on “shop from somewhere” consumers.

Emirates Brings a Chatbot to Banner Ads

Maybe chatbots can jazz up regular old display ads. Emirates airline is using artificial intelligence for a chatbot that lies within display ads for its Emirates Vacations unit. The ads allow people to ask travel and trip questions and receive answers immediately within the ad unit. But the company believes AI can be impactful for another application: breaking down additional friction points when it comes to search. The chatbot will recommend destinations and vacation packages based on the context of users’ questions, the content on the site it appears on and Emirates Vacations’ inventory. For instance, if Emirates Vacations doesn’t have a hotel in Toronto, the chatbot won’t suggest a hotel in Toronto. “Explore the world without leaving the page,” the ads read.

Facebook’s Branded Content Program Loses Its Luster

Three years ago, Facebook rolled out its Anthology program, an attempt to pair brands and publishers to produce branded content to distribute on its social network. But brands have increasingly bypassed Facebook to do their own matchmaking, as the value of Facebook’s program has faded and its relationship with publishers has gone south.

Snapchat Rolls out Analytics Tool to Win Back the Influencers it Has Lost to Instagram

Snapchat is finally giving influencers the analytics tool that they have been clamoring for, and that may bring them back to using its app. Snapchat will give certain influencers access to an in-app analytics tool breaking down how their Stories perform and who their audiences are, the app’s parent company Snap announced on Wednesday. Influencers who are part of Snapchat’s Official Stories program — its version of Instagram’s verified profiles — or who have large audiences on Snapchat will be the first with access to the analytics tool. A Snap spokesperson declined to say what specific criteria Snap will use when deciding which influencers outside of the Official Stories program will be given access to the analytics tool.