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Week of 8/06 Industry Updates


Let’s check out some recent news regarding all things Facebook, Google Ads and Reddit’s new website design that promises an opportunity for more native advertisements.


Facebook & Instagram introduce new user tools to track time spent on the app

Facebook and Instagram are both introducing new tools connected to the company’s recent commitment to the time well spent movement. Both apps will soon be rolling out an activity dashboard where users can track the amount of time they spend on both Facebook and Instagram, along with two additional features to help monitor app usage. The crux for marketers is how the time well spent movement will impact their advertising strategy. Obviously, any features or design implementations aiming to limit user activity will cause consumers to spend less time on their mobile devices and apps. But there’s an argument to be made that the shorter time periods users spend looking at the phones may result in more engaged user sessions. Marketers may need to refine ad campaign to capture user attention.


Facebook launches playable ads, tests retention optimization for app advertising

After coming out of the gate first with app install ads in 2012, Facebook recently has lagged behind Google and others in developing ad products and features specifically for app marketers. The announcements Friday prioritize long-term value over sheer download volume, putting it on a more equal footing with competitors. Playable ads- the ads users can demo from within the ad- are now available globally in the Facebook News Feed. Advertisers can set these ads up in the Facebook UI after selecting the app install campaign objective. Advertisers can also use one of Facebook’s developer partners to help create and manage playable ads.


Google is deprecating to exclude apps from Google Display campaigns.

When Google Ads uses the world “simplify,” waves of concern ripple through the paid search community that the opposite will be true, controls will be lost and campaign performance will be affected negatively. The latest torment is coming from Google’s move to “simplify” targeting controls in display campaigns. “Starting in September 2018, Google is simplifying targeting and exclusion controls for Google Display Network ads on mobile devices to make it easier to reach the growing base of mobile users. Because of these changes, you may see a significant increase in mobile apps or mobile web traffic (depending on your current settings).”


Reddit’s redesign is driving higher engagement rates, but will it deliver more advertisers?

Last year, Reddit announced it was undertaking its first major redesign in more than a decade. According to the company’s CEO and co-founder, Steve Huffman, there were a variety of goals attached to the project, but one of the largest was to decrease the bounce rate of first-time visitors and lift the amount of time everyone spent on the website. After more than a year and a half of research, testing and user input, Reddit began rolling out its new site on April of this year. Jandali says that Reddit approached the redesign with a distinct focus on the users’ experience and the health of Reddit’s communities – and that the company knew this focus would extend to its advertisers. The VP of brand partnerships says Reddit’s Card View format offers more opportunities for native advertising and an optimal layout for the sites recently launched native video ads, an ad unit that is already delivering strong performance results for one of Reddit’s advertisers.