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Week of 9/10 Industry Updates


Here are some recent articles about Facebook ads and pixels, a new way to track campaign spending with Google Ads, technology’s role in reshaping agency models, and updates to the Periscope app:


Facebook Renames Canvas ads ‘Instant Experience’ ads, Gives Them Pixel Capabilities

Facebook has renamed it’s full-screen, rich media ads from Canvas ads to Instant Experience ads, first launched in 2016. Additionally, Instant Experience Ads will now be automatically attached to Facebook Pixel, allowing advertisers who use the Pixel on their website to re-engage with site visitors that engaged with their ads on Facebook. Facebook has also allowed advertisers to embed third-party pixels to their Instant Experience ads to track campaign performance and compare it against other campaigns.


Find Anomalies in Your Campaign Spending with this Google Ads Script

Google Ads has created a customizable script that allows you to check for unusual behavior in your account by finding changes in spending. The script takes the average spend of individual campaigns during a selected time period that the user can choose, and compares it to the spend on the day the script runs. If the spend on the current day is higher than it was by a specified percentage, it will alert the user.



Ogilvy’s Michael Tidmarsh: Creative Agency Models are Changing to Accommodate Growing Use of Tech

The growing use of technology has changed agencies to become “much more project work, much more bespoke work.” Tech has also become intertwined in the creative process, but Tidmarsh does not think it will completely take over creative. Tidmarsh will expand on this conversation during the MarTech Conference in Boston in early October.




Twitter Adds Audio-Only Broadcasting for iOS app, Periscope

Twitter-owned app, Periscope, adds a new audio-only broadcast feature, after growing demand from its’ users. Now, instead of always having to share their surroundings, users can record an audio broadcast, then choose to share, save, or simply delete it.