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Week of 9/17 Industry Updates


As you begin your week, please enjoy a quick look at what’s happening in the world of digital media, including changes to Twitter’s livestream, which could benefit advertisers, a deeper dive into customer targeting, a look at SEO today, as well as an update on the Facebook bug that opened the door to analytics app data.


Twitter gives video ads a subtle lift, puts livestreams atop the timeline
Twitter is making it easier for users to find live broadcasts from the accounts they follow, while at the same time giving advertisers running in-stream video ad campaigns prime real estate by pushing video content to a prominent position on the app.



Target acquired: How to define and use your ideal target market
Don’t assume you know who makes up your target audience because you could be wrong. Here’s a look at how to identify a target market and create niched marketing campaigns that sell.



Facebook bug allowed some advertisers to access other Facebook Analytics app data
The company says it fixed the issue that affected 21 apps and is notifying all businesses involved.



Is SEO table stakes? (Hint: No!)
Anyone know why the idea that SEO is no longer a specialized practice and has turned into table stakes has taken hold? Bueller?