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Week of 9/24 Industry Updates


Below are some recent articles on what’s happening in the world of online marketing, including some interesting news on Instagram, customer data tracking, and more:


Instagram rumored to be testing a hashtag selector tool, geo-fenced posts

Instagram is continuing to build out its platform to attract more advertisers and marketers. Now, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, the Facebook-owned app is rumored to be testing features that could help businesses in a number of ways.



Segment's visualization of its product stackSegment adds quality tracking for incoming data to its resume

The customer data platform is now helping to flag the validity of newly captured data, as it expands its role as a customer data infrastructure.



Report: Digital now makes up 51% of US ad spending

Search, social and video were the formats and channels that led the way. Finance, Pharma and Technology were the big vertical spenders.



The Big Platforms Are Giving Augmented Reality A Real Push

Augmented reality is about to hit its stride thanks to large media platforms, which are leading the way.