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Week of 1/16 Industry Update


GOOD MORNING!! Below is some interesting industry news to get you back in your groove after the long weekend!

What Facebook’s news feed changes mean for brands and publishers

In a post last week, Facebook announced that it would be introducing changes to its news feed algorithm in the coming year to ensure that posts by friends and family on Facebook appear higher in the news feed. Facebook’s decision to reprioritize its news feed to favor “social interactions” over other forms of content may please its users but will be challenging for brands.

How Influencer Marketing Can Become a Powerful Weapon for Brands

Marketers are dedicating more and more time and resources to influencer marketing. But just increasing your influencer marketing budget doesn’t mean you’re going to yield better results. You need to have an accurate idea how to properly distribute that budget for your campaign and how to allocate a suitable amount for each aspect, to ensure that you don’t overspend. What’s more, you should be certain that whatever you’re spending it on is worth it.

Why Programmatic is Leading the Technology Revolution in Marketing

Programmatic advertising is on the rise with no sign of halting in the coming years. Technology has indeed revolutionized traditional marketing, and programmatic is leading the way by simplifying the digital media buying process using automation. In fact, as per eMarketer’s forecast the U.S. programmatic digital display ad spending will exceed $45 billion by 2019. With numbers like that, marketers can’t afford to fall behind the adoption curve.

Where Is the Line Between Creepy and Creative in Advertising?

In 2018, consumers have largely accepted that marketers use an online log of their behaviors and spending habits to target digital audiences with relevant ads. Now major brands, including Spotify, Netflix and Cost Plus World Market, are testing the waters by using their troves of user data to drive not only the targeting but the creation of their ads.

2018 mobile marketing predictions from 18 industry veterans

What are the mobile and location-based trends that will take shape in 2018? Columnist Aaron Strout taps forward-thinking professionals in the industry to share their thoughts on what to expect.