About Advantage Media

No organization is more connected

Advantage Media is the leading digital media company for retail and CPG brands. Leveraging the deep legacy in retail of our parent company, Advantage Solutions’, and our proprietary MomentAware™ technology, Advantage Media drives engagement and sales lift for CPG brands and retailers.

MomentAware™ combines real-time and historical shopper visitation and environmental data with past purchase, behavioral and demographic data, providing a full 360° view of the target audience, enabling retailers and CPG brands to define and take action against receptive moments.

Multi-channel media powered by MomentAware™, engages shoppers precisely when, where, and how they are most receptive and open to influence. Advantage Media enables retail and CPG brands to surround consumers throughout their unique paths-to-purchase driving engagement, purchases, loyalty, and ROI.

Where we Reach Consumers

Advantage Media develops custom experiences to deliver your message in engaging, channel-appropriate ways.