Advantage Media’s team of designers work with you to develop engaging, eye-grabbing, shopper-specific rich media to accompany your digital advertising campaign. Utilize a variety of interactive features created to drive shoppers in-store and increase engagement time. By leveraging our proprietary location and behavioral data, we ensure your ads are seen by your target consumers at the right time, the right place, and on the right device.

Dynamic Weather

Leverage dynamic location-based data such as UV index, temperature, pollution levels, etc. that shows unique information for each user based on where they are--ideal for seasonal or conditionally based products. Let your shoppers know that the weather will be perfect for grilling at dinner time tonight, or that the UV index is especially high and they should stock up on sunscreen before their morning beach trip!

Store Locator

Drive users in-store with a mobile store finder right in your ad! The easy to use locator detects a users location and shows them how far they are from the nearest retailer, with the option to see it on a map, view a list of locations, and launch navigation right from your ad unit.

Multi Recipe

Feature three branded recipes within an ad unit. Users are enticed by recipe photography and can then choose the recipe that appeals to them to most. The unit leaves a lasting experience with a call to action that can bring the user to a landing page experience with more detailed recipe instructions, send a prepopulated email to themselves with recipe instructions, or save a recipe card image to their phone’s photos.


Choose from three available game options to best suit the experience to your needs. Utilize a custom styled game to maximize time users spend engaging with your brand and incorporate features such as Play-to-Win Coupon incentives.

Product Gallery

The product gallery unit is the ideal way to showcase multiple SKUs in one rich media experience. Users can spend time browsing through your products by swiping through a carousel-style slideshow that engages them with the brand and shopping experience.


The video unit leverages rich media’s ability to incorporate video to engage the user with exciting and entertaining ads. Whether it is a recipe or lifestyle video, you can include messaging alongside a full-page video ad to give users context. Trigger effects, animation, or messaging at select points in the video.

Social Share

Allow your users to share directly to their social channels from your ad unit with no need to open mobile web or log into an app. Our social share capabilities allow you to populate a ready-to-post social link to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and LinkedIn to expand the reach of your content organically and provide users with a reference to your content to return to in the future to extend the life of the ad experience.

Recipe Slider

Turn your recipe content into an engaging and fun user experience! Show your users how your products can transform into delicious meals with an interactive slider between a pack shot or lockup and a completed recipe photo. This highlights the ease of the recipe and entices them with great brand or in uencer photo content.


Wipe-Away pairs engaging interactive features with eye-catching design. Users swipe across their screen to reveal the ad underneath, whether it's an ice-cold environment to highlight chilled beverages, frosty winter window for holiday season, or exciting scratch card style offer reveal.

Add to Cart

Add to Cart integrates our programmatic media with ecommerce by utilizing retailer SDK technology to seamlessly drive shoppers directly to their checkout cart.