MomentAware™ validates what you already know

Do you ever wonder if you are reaching your target audience? Advantage Media can help. Our proprietary MomentAware™ technology unites disparate data across website/app visits, digital media campaigns and CRM efforts to confirm who your consumers are and that you are effectively reaching them with your marketing.

In order to message your consumers at the right time, you must understand their demographics, behavioral nuances, retail affinities, emotional triggers, past purchase history, etc. But this alone, is not enough. Who your consumers are changes dramatically based on when and where you engage with them.

Our proprietary MomentAware™ technology combines real-time and historical consumer visitation and environmental data with past purchase, behavioral and demographic data, providing a full 360° view of the target audience, enabling retailers and CPG brands to define and take action against receptive moments. Powered by our MomentAware™ technology, our suite of digital media products drive engagement and sales lift for CPG brands and retailers by engaging consumers precisely when, where, and how they are most receptive and open to influence.